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Decorco Company for Finishing and General Contracting, is one of the best leading companies in its field.

And our goal, which we seek, is to work to provide and meet the needs of customers that guarantee contracting and finishing works to work to satisfy our customers always.

We are distinguished by high quality, unique designs and commitment to work, and this distinguishes us from others

We aspire to be the best and the first choice in contracting and all construction and finishing items, and to be a source of trust in Egypt and the Middle East, and to expand the circle of our clients on an ongoing basis.

Meet and provide services in a fast, professional manner.
Orientation to expand activity to open up a larger field of real estate investment.
Providing the highest practical and service level in the construction industry
Services from design to implementation

Decorco always strives to design and implement all projects
General contracting and real estate investment in a sophisticated style
Future stock escorts.
All at the request of its customers
With credibility of dealing, accuracy of implementation and speed of delivery to ensure
Success and always moving forward.

  • Honesty and respect.
  • Precision and excellence.
  • High quality.
  • Achieving success and maintaining our relationship.
Our Services

Company's Activities

First: Building Works

Design and implementation of construction of administrative, residential and commercial buildings.

We also do it with red bricks
And it has two thicknesses (a brick or a half brick)

It is according to the agreed-upon item be the required thickness.

Second: Finishing works

Execution of all finishing works
(Conch - Paints - Carpentry - Plumbing - Electricity - Gypsumboard - Flooring)
From the initial works to the external phenomena and all the decorative works
Whether natural stone, paints or wallpaper, it all works out
According to the required design and the desire of our customers

Third: floor work

Third: Flooring works (ceramic - porcelain - epoxy):
Implementation of all types of cold floors such as (ceramic - marble - porcelain - epoxy).

And warm ones such as (parquet - rugs - HDF) and we also provide the mortar materials used.

Fourth: Landscaping works

Providing all natural farming works, implementing rocks, artificial waterfalls and fountains
Lakes and artificial grass in villas and tourist resorts.

Fifthly: insulation works

Providing services for insulating roofs against moisture and heat.

They are used to protect the last floors from heat and rain.

And increase the life of buildings and protection from damage.

Carrying out the work of isolating the bathrooms to protect against water intrusion and to avoid the damage of leaching and not to harm others.

Previous work

Real Opinions Of Our Customers

مهندس محترم و عنده خبره كبيرة في مجال التشطيبات

Mohamed Mostafa

التصميمات رائعة و فعلا و واقعية و اسعار الباقات مناسبة جدا

Basel El Noury

ناس فاهمه جدا في شغلهم والمواعيد عندهم مظبوطة بالدقيقة

Asem Mahmoud

Our Clients

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